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Island raised, Canadian is who I am and I am passionate about food, good food. I understand how hard it is to put all your energy and passion into your  craft and not get the recognition it deserves! I've been there, so let me focus on getting you out there!

All About Me

Hey, I am so excited to introduce myself. My name is Tichina Stoutt and I am the founder of Feelds Agency, a Digital Marketing Agency that services Food Trucks and Bakeries.

I was born and raised in the beautiful British Virgin Islands where my love for food, food preparation and the way it brings people together began. Now, a resident in Ontario Canada, I have dabbled in many aspects of the food industry. I have prepared and sold homemade Virgin Islands treats at farmers Markets, worked food trucks and had the pleasure of experiencing a home bakery and a commercial bakery. 

The one thing the rang true when I worked in food trucks and bakeries is that they lacked customers and most time it was that customers simply didn't know where they were. 

I started to think there must be a way to get these businesses in front of the right people at the right time, and so, Feelds Agency was born.

I am passionate about the doing my absolute best to get them seen and I will be present all along the way. I am here to SERVE!


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